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Our company has always been at the junction of art and science. Our philosophy has been to never sell anything that did not meet our own strict standards.  The frontier of modern acoustic science is in the field of diffusion.  Dr. Manfred Schroeder has been the seminal influence in this area, and we follow his brilliant findings.  It is interesting to note that he, as well as other pioneers in the field of diffusion technology have found that higher prime, i.e. "wider" panels have a better sound.  We have found this to be true in our experimentation and experience.  We are pleased to offer the most affordable high performance QRD diffusion panels available.  Our customers have found that these panels affect the sound in a room in a very positive way, from the deep bass to the sparkling highs.  Please check out our offerings and contact us with any questions.  


      This is one of our installations on display in the Hall of Fame in Nashville Tennessee.  It is Owen Bradley's music workstation in his office from Bradley's Barn studio.  Owen, also known as the father of "Music Row" was one of our best customers.  He owned the RCA studio A (the largest studio in Nashville) and we did a significant upgrade of the main monitors and outboard equipment.  He liked it so much he had us duplicate it at Bradley's Barn, his studio in the countlry.  We used the Bill Putnam designed UREI time align monitors in both locations.  He had us put the monitors, mixer, and amplifier in this system, his office arranging setup.









These are some pictures of a recent sale to an audiophile in New Jersey.  He has three of our large diffusers, one behind each loudspeaker and one at the rear of the room.